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My Motivation
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reflection -Beliefs, Values, and Attitude

Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values strike me to be very important especially as a future educator. Beliefs reflect a level of commitment and obligation that we build our values on which is formed either by our culture or society. I believe beliefs are what make you into a civil human being who’s able to function in the world. It’s how we live our everyday life. When we believe in something or someone we stand and affirm what is before us is the truth and therefore we will stand for it. Regardless, if the belief is true or false it’s what we deem to be right and we act upon it. When we focus on attitudes, it’s basically how we look at life and how we view ourselves and the things around us. For instance, if I have a negative outlook towards a person how I feel about them will result in negative things occurring. What I’m trying to say is our attitudes will make or break us. It’s always better to have a positive attitude because when we start to focus on the negative we start to get negative results. This brings me to our values. Our values are what we are taught and things we learn that builds our beliefs and attitudes. If we don’t value certain things or people we tend to take advantage them. Values give us the reassurance of what we believe in and how we perform on an everyday basis. Our attitude is the foundational stone on how we see ourselves in our cultural surroundings. It doesn’t not necessarily mean that’s the way people view us, but we become what we think about ourselves. Dealing with our cultural beliefs, attitudes, and values indicates our overall well-being. In the reading pertaining to the man who in anger and wrath curses his gods and change the structure of his cultural beliefs is an ideal example of our beliefs can change. Even though our parents and family values are important honestly it is up to us to make informed decisions for ourselves based upon actual facts. Now from personal experience I do believe some beliefs and values can be formed through others, but shouldn’t be our overall base on how we make decisions. What we believe can be changed by life experiences or merely what we heard someone say and believed it to be true. Our sole purpose as an educator is too educate and inform students on certain issues and allow them to make rational decisions on their own and based on their experience and knowledge they will come to know what’s important to them. It is also up to us to guide them to know what is truth.

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